Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club

Jacob Bell

A brand new club has surfaced onto our schools activities list. This club is headed by the temporary club President and Founder Jacob Bell. The club has a $10 admittance fee to be a full member, due to club expenses and anything you might need to play the games they host, such as D&D, Star Wars, and possibly Warhammer. This club meets on every Tuesday with exceptions only being when the school schedule is changed around and as such the club must too.

New Clubs tend to have a hard time finding members due to the schedule of other clubs that many students have already committed to, this is especially true for recreational clubs. This added with the fact that the club was formed late makes it even more difficult for the club to find members. Though the Club is steadily growing in members the question is whether or not it can gather enough members to pass onto the next generation of students to enter the school or if it will be a single generation club.

The Club President Jacob Bell has shown his desire to expand the clubs allotted time to more than just Tuesdays until 4pm after school but currently can find no remedies to the situation. Many of the other members can only commit to the club either an hour or part of the session due to prior engagements of other clubs as stated before. “I understand that starting a club over D&D and Star Wars isn’t the easiest thing to do, but one that I enjoy so much that even if it fails I would be ok with that, because hopefully at least one person discovered their love for it.” stated Jacob Bell the Founder.

This Club so far only boasts a mere 4 members though considering the 2 meetings it has had so far it’s a fair start. Hopefully it will find it’s niche crowd eventually thus solidifying itself enough to continue on for the next few years. Whether you like such entertainment such as board games or not most can agree that not having a club for anyone who wants to be introduced into such things it would be a shame for them to not have the opportunity to be in a community such as the sci-fi and fantasy club.