100 Capacities of the Brain

Danielle Mizrahi


Do we humans only use 10% of our brain? Or is it just a myth?

Have you ever watched the movie Lucy? If you haven’t, you must! A movie based on a woman named Lucy played by “Scarlett Johansson” has been kidnapped and was implanted by mysterious drugs. And with that, it made her reach 100% capacity of her brain level.  She understood every language in a matter of seconds. She could make cars crash with using only her mind, and could do the impossible. It’s just a marvelous and exciting movie! But after all it is just a movie. But it got a lot of people wondering can we use 100% of our brain? And can we humans do what she did even though we only use 10% of the brain? Well hate to break it to you but no human alive has gone to that point or reached 100% capacity of the brain yet. But I can tell you this, humans use way more than only 10% of the brain level and here are some facts to prove it.

“The 10 percent saying” is completely false. First our entire brain is active all the time. We are constantly using it, we might not notice it but we are. Walking, Eating, Seeing, Feeling, figuring things out. All those things are placed in different areas in the brain. So, it is indeed a fact that we don’t just use just 10% therefore we use way more. Now everybody is different, there is no percentage the more we learn the more our brain gets information and the percentage increases.

How can we gain more percentage of the brain?

~ Challenge yourself with new information.

~ Read books.

~ Learn new things.

~ Get away from electronics.

~ Avoid watching television.

~ Learn new languages.

~ Meditate.

If you do these things the more your brain will absorb this information and the percentage will increase.

You never know you may be the next Lucy.