A Choice Between Life

Samantha Smith

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For many an unplanned teen pregnancy can bring stress, shame, or even a little bit of shocked excitement. However, the first thought or question is always the same. What am I going to do now? But that is easy once you realize that you don’t have to make any of those tough decisions alone. At the Women’s pregnancy center any and all services provided are free and confidential and they can be contacted through their website or through their phone number (352-629-2811).  With this they help you decide if abortion is right for you along with listening to any all other concerns. They provide a pregnancy test, ultrasound, client advocate support, referral to community services, parenting classes, adoption support groups, and post- abortion recovery class and it’s all free. More information can be found on what their services mean and where they are located at their website, www. Choicesocala.com.

The second question many girls have is how am I going to tell everyone? What are they going to say or think about me now? Although what many girls may think is that they are going to be completely abandoned and  left alone after they are discovered and that’s where they are wrong. Many times rather than not parents are probably very emotional or even upset but they never truly abandon completely their pregnant teen. What our new mothers need to now learn is that a support group is what will help them through the next nine months. Learning new things about their body as it happens and new time management skills can be tough to do as a new mother at any age so having a strong support group is an important thing.

The first step is to verify that your pregnant with an ultrasound before any major preparations begin. Those include buying clothes saving for future expenses or informing educators of your situation so that accommodations can be made in the future. As a new mother it’ll be your responsibility to practice time management between school and planning for your unborn child.

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