The GOP field: Whom will emerge victorious?

Justin Rimpi

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The 2016 GOP Presidential race is not in the best of places at this current juncture. Each and every day the GOP race seems to sink lower and lower at the expense of the American people. Last week there was an exchange between Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz regarding their spouses.

It all began after a Ted Cruz Super PAC tweeted out a suggestive picture of Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump. This photo was from a GQ photo shoot that Mrs. Trump had done during her extremely successful modeling career. In response Mr. Trump tweeted out a flattering picture of his wife next to a less than flattering picture of Senator Cruz’s wife. This led to a back and forth between the candidates wives and devolved into which First Lady would be more attractive. It took all of the attention away from the candidates and their policies and instead turned into a mindless debate.

This whole exchange led to Senator Cruz no longer promising to honor the pact he signed months earlier. That pact stated that all of the GOP candidates would support the eventual nominee of their party, whomever that may be. At the Republican Town Hall on Tuesday Mr. Cruz stated: “I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife, who attacks my family.” Governor Kasich was also non-comitial about whether or not he would support the eventual GOP nominee. He stated: “I have got to see what happens,” Kasich said. “If the nominee is somebody I think is really hurting the country and dividing the country, I can’t stand behind them.”

During that same town hall on Tuesday, Mr. Trump also said that he felt under no pressure to stay true to the pledge. It really is no shock that the GOP candidates will not support the eventual nominee. The race has been nothing but attacks between the candidates. It has been full of personal attacks, policy attacks, and attacks on the candidate’s spouses.

Mr. Trump is currently leading the delegate count, but it looks pretty unlikely that he would amass the necessary 1237 delegates before the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July. The path to the nomination for Mr. Cruz is next to impossible, while for Mr. Kasich it is impossible for him to get the 1237 delegates. The prospect of a brokered convention seems to get better and better as each day passes. The brokered convention could hand the nomination to any of the three candidates currently running, dropped out candidates, or candidates whom have not even run in this current election cycle. Whatever the result may be there is sure to be a great deal of discussion and probably controversy





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