Service Learning Project

Alena Hall

The Hollywood Hills Military Academy participated in a service learning project. The location of the project was at Loxahatchee were the Hollywood Hills JROTC teamed up with the HMA. This started from 6:15 am to 4pm where we put on our gloves, bug spray and drove to Loxahatchee. We then were briefed by the park people who explained to us the goal of the day. That was to make sure we flag all the baby cypress trees, the point was to make sure all the weeds around them would not kill them. So we were told to make sure nothing was 12 inches from the baby trees. This is something that people our age do not think about and it is important that we do because years from now when all these baby trees don’t grow then we will have some problems with ecosystem. So by removing the weeds it gives the plants room to grow and their roots to grow underground. These are things that will not be thought about until it’s a problem unless our generation does something about it now and that’s what the Hollywood Hills JROTC and Hollywood Hills Military academy has done.