Danielle Mizrahi

Nasa Internship

Have you ever dreamed about being a famous astronaut? Or perhaps flying to the moon… looking at the stars, studying every position of the planets in their orbits? Well, if you have, I advise you to keep on reading, because there might be a chance you can make your dream come true.

Nasa 2016, has a new internship called USRP. Which means undergraduate student researchers program. This program helps to prepare you for your future job at Nasa, or in other science programs. But, as more and more students come and try it out, the more they fall in love with the idea of science and outer space. Teams at Nasa also have been organizing for students, to study the stars, and teaching them about astronomy and their calculations. Students enjoy these types of activities and learn how the scientist work.


Astronauts aren’t like what  you see in TV shows or in movies. Being an astronaut is a very hard, and difficult job to do, and pursue. It takes a lot of training, and studying. You must know how to work and how to survive in a space ship which takes a lot of patients and knowledge.

But as I was saying, you can get a perfect experience in the internship. They also let you see, and feel, how it is to be an astronaut. “It actually looks pretty fun if you ask me”stated Danielle Mizrahi. If you really do enjoy being an astronomer and learning about space go to