Affirmative Action provides students with life-changing opportunities

Julian Cruz

Affirmative action is the practice of affording a minority group favorable circumstances due to them being constantly discriminated against. Without this practice then many students will be unable to get into some of the best colleges in the nation.  

Over the years that affirmative action has been practiced there have been many complaints from caucasian students, whom were more qualified, were passed up just to let the minority students be afforded the same opportunities. In some of these scenarios though the minority students happened to be less qualified

Minority students should have the chance to go to college and get the same education as anyone else. Affirmative action is fair because it gives each minority group the same opportunities than non-minority groups are afforded.  It is exactly like saying that you’re judging a book by it’s cover but dealing with race. Many people say that it’s unfair or fair but it is fair, just because you’re a different race doesn’t make any less intelligent or more simple minded than any other group.

Everyone can learn at the same level whether that is at a slower or faster pace. You can say that it’s unfair for students trying to enroll in a college but actually it is fair. Minority students gain better access because the schools they choose go to allow minority students first for reasons.   

These minority students should get the same respect as anyone else gets, but do not think that just because they went to a different school than you doesn’t make them any different from you or anyone else around you. Minority students are as smart as you so do not hate them just because they have easier access into colleges than other individuals. That is why it is fair that minority student are allowed to enroll in colleges just like anyone else can. Minority students have the same education as everyone, they eat the same food, etc. They take the EOC test just like we do and they act the same way as anyone else would act. It is certainly not fair to discriminate against these minority groups just because they want a college education themselves.