Should Ted Cruz be eligible to run for President? Your guess is as good as mine

Matthew Armstrong and Justin Rimpi

  Ted Cruz should be the president, even though he is not the best of the them all, but he is more respectful and kind than Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is not one of those people who is caring. Many citizens are voting for Trump because he “speaks the truth” and “says what all Americans are thinking but just can’t say.” His personality certainly is a little rude to say the least. Once of his major policy proposals is to send police officers to the doorstep of many illegal immigrants. If they are illegal immigrants then they will be deported back to the country which they had previously immigrated from.

Even though Ted Cruz was born in Canada he should still be eligible to run for the highest office the United States has to offer. Mr. Cruz claims he should be eligible to run for the President of the United States because he was born to a mother whom was an American citizen in Canada. She lived in Canada temporarily and to the best of his knowledge his mother never even voted in any Canadian elections.

In order to run for President there are three informal qualifications. Those three qualifications are the individual must be at least 35 years of age, must have been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years, and be a “Natural Born Citizen.” This means that an individual has to born in the United States, born on a U.S. Naval Base or Embassy overseas, or be born to parents(at least one) whom is an American citizen if born overseas.

The U.S. Constitution or the Supreme Court for that matter has never specified the meaning of the term Natural Born Citizen. That will obviously lead to some differing and decisive opinions on the eligibility of Mr. Cruz.

There is no debating that Mr. Cruz satisfies the first two conditions to run for President. He is 45 years of age and has lived in the United States since he was a child, given the fact that he attended elementary school in the Houston area. The third qualification is where the debate really intensifies.

In the past few weeks Mr. Trump has been attacking Mr. Cruz over the “birther issue.” He has really taken up this issue because Mr. Cruz has been surging in the polls. He is now holds a slight lead over Trump in Iowa and is in second-place behind Trump in the other two Republican primaries(New Hampshire and South Carolina). Every single time that Mr. Trump has seen his lead being threatened he has attacked that candidate. A few months ago it was Ben Carson with the inconsistencies in his autobiography and now it is Mr. Cruz over his eligibility to become President.

As Mr. Trump elocuted in the 6th Republican Presidential Debate on why he is now attacking Cruz on this issue when in September he stated that he saw no problem with Mr. Cruz’s eligibility: “Because now he’s going a little bit better. No, I didn’t care. It’s true. No, it’s true. Hey look, he never had a chance. Now, he’s doing better. He’s got probably a four or five percent chance.”

It also is fair to note that Mr. Trump was one of the main proponents of the notion that President Obama was not a United States citizen. He pushed for President Obama to release his birth certificate and school records.

Mr. Trump is not the only high-profile individual who is questioning Mr. Cruz’s eligibility to run for President. Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, whom Mr. Trump has been constantly quoting regarding the “birther” issue said: ““The more of a genuine ‘originalist’ someone (like Cruz) is, the harder it becomes to resolve that ‘serious question’ in Cruz’s favor. The more of a ‘living constitutionalist’ someone (like me) is, the easier it becomes to conclude that ‘natural born citizen’ has gradually acquired the broader meaning on which Cruz necessarily relies.”

With only a few weeks left until Iowa Caucuses it will be extremely interesting to see if Mr. Trump’s constant attacks on Mr. Cruz’s eligibility will continue to impact the Texas Senator’s standing in the polls. The term “sit back and enjoy the show” has never been more poignant in a Presidential election.