Best ways to successfully make it through the gauntlet of a high school course

Derrick Mitchell

Many kids lose their focus when it comes down to their school work. Here are some ways that will prevent students from failing their courses. “No one likes to receive D’s and F’s on their homework or class work. As a student I feel like it is very important to have the parents involved early. The parents can help by talking to their child and making sure they understand how and why it’s important to bring their grades up”, said Carla Brown.

The students should try their best to keep their minds on what is important and what is best for themselves. Students become lazy in school, so as a teacher it is important to make sure their students complete every assignment to the best of their ability. Do not just let them off the hook, require them to at least make a valiant attempt. The teachers should make it a priority to help the students who are failing however they can.

“Counselors should schedule some time alone to help the students with problems that they don’t understand. The last reason is the most important one to me as a student. Most students have fear of failure, said Doris Mitchell.

To not fail you have to love learning every step of the way. Take notes and study more than anything. It is best to build positive relationships with other students. One has to motivate themselves to do great and you will do anything. Encourage the students to try their best. Show them how to make the right choices. Provide opportunity for self reflection, and help them make a list of what they are failing and then help the students to improve it. If schoolwork isn’t the first thing on your priority list, you need to change that immediately!

It is one thing to take a relaxed approach to academics if it is actually working, but if not then the student is in grave danger of failing a course. Do not give up, things may seem hopeless, but  resigning yourself to failure is the only way to guarantee a lack of success. Freshman Kayla Pryce said, “If I fail an assignment I would redo it and make sure that it is perfect so that I can get the better grade.”