Is 2016 really better than 2015?

Samantha Smith

Sometimes one must listen to the folk tales. Especially the folk tales which say to leave the dead alone. Anyone who tuned in to the 2016 Golden Globes last Sunday could see it was not possible to watch it completely to the end.  Ricky Gervais has made sure this will be his last year hosting the Golden Globes.

That is because no one will be foolish enough to ask back a man whom re-phrased past jokes at previous Golden Globes. Melissa Maerz from the EW Review stated “ As for the pain of watching this year’s awards, let’s hope it’s only temporary. Next year, maybe the HFPA can get the night the night’s best presenters, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, to host..”

So I guess getting rid of the old and coming in with the new is on everyone’s mind now after hearing Gervais’s jokes. Now don’t get me wrong some four year old’s found the testicle jokes hilarious, but after four times of the same joke people stop laughing and start waiting to run for the hills.

Besides what could be better than a woman comic and the best part is that she doesn’t repeat a joke. Not to mention Amy is incredibly hilarious to thousands of people. Gervais was consistently cold- hearted to the winner’s when they came to collect their awards stating: “That the award is, no offense, worthless.”

To say that to someone and for them to contain their anger is utterly ridiculous. Anyone in Hollywood would say to ruin someone’s night is just plain wrong. It does not matter how you try to phrase it, it is just completely wrong. The whole incident reminded everyone of when Kanye West jumped on stage and ruined Taylor Swift’s big night at the Grammy Awards. Even if they don’t choose Amy Schumer they could choose Amy Poehler. She has hosted the Golden Globes in the past and due to her Saturday Night Live tenure has great comedic chopd. She isn’t complete head over heels into sex jokes but she is relatable a fact that is not worthy. Anyway this year should get better if Gervais stays out off the cameras for a while.