How Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump could shift the balance of the Republican Primary.

Justin Rimpi

If anyone in the United States was watching television on Tuesday then this story was impossible to miss. It was not a new diplomatic resolution, or strategy to defeat ISIS, or even a newly passed Bill. Instead, it was an endorsement of Donald Trump from former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Mrs. Palin was Senator John McCain’s choice for Vice President in the 2008 Presidential Election. This was eventually an election that McCain-Palin ended up losing to current President Barack Obama.

Many people may not think that this is a great endorsement for Mr. Trump, but in reality it really bolsters his chances to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Mrs. Palin is still an extremely well-liked figure in the Republican Party. How the rest of the country looks upon her is a whole other story. During the build-up to the 2008 election Mrs. Palin was hit hard by the media. Mainly due to the fact that she did not come off particularly intelligent or knowledgeable regarding  any policies or things of that nature. Just see her interview with Katie Couric in 2008 and it is evident she was ill-prepared to be the Vice President at that particular juncture.

To some this might seem like a head-scratching endorsement from Mrs. Palin. Why would she support an outsider with no political experience? The answer is relatively simple. Mrs. Palin has mainly kept out of the spotlight for the past few years and this is a great way for herself to get her name back in the heads of Americans. I also believe that if Mr. Trump is ever elected President there is an ulterior motive for Mrs. Palin. I believe that she would like a position in Mr. Trump’s Cabinet. She even said back in September on Fox News that she would like to be the Secretary of Energy. She also said later in that same interview that she would be the last ever Secretary of Energy. She would shut down the department after her stewardship is complete.

Mrs. Plain brings a conservative message to the campaign of the Republican front runner.  It has well-documented that Mr. Trump over his years as a “world class busineesmen”(his words) has supported many Democratic programs and donated to the campaigns of many Democratic candidates. Mr. Trump claims the reason that he donated to Democrats was the fact that as a businessmen he “had to give to everybody.” That would ensure that Mr. Trump would amass the building permits and other things that he so desired to grow his empire to even larger proportions. For example just to name a few, when Hillary Clinton was a Senator in New York he donated to the Hillary Clinton foundation, he was a Democratic just a few decades ago, he used to be pro-choice instead of pro-life, and he supported the stimulus package to boost the economy.

In the current political bubble that we all live in a Republican candidate cannot support any Democratic policies or vice-versa. Many Republicans have gone head-to-head with Mr. Trump over some of his liberal leanings over the years. Senator Ted Cruz, who seems to be Mr. Trump’s closest competition at this time has attacked Mr. Trump over his record on the campaign trail seemingly every day now.

Even though Mr. Cruz has some valid points about Mr. Trump’s seemingly Liberal record I do not believe it will have any baring on the Republican Primary races. Mr. Trump is harping on people’s fears in America and it has paid dividends thus far in his Presidential campaign. Most of Mr. Trump’s supporters are so confident that he will “Make America Great Again” that Mr. Cruz’s attacks will not stick to “Teflon Don.”

Sarah Plain whether you like her not is a Conservative to the core. This will assist Mr. Trump greatly in the minds of undecided Republican primary voters. Mrs. Palin could have backed Ted Cruz(whom she did during his Senate campaign), but she instead chose to back Mr. Trump. That will speak great volumes to those undecided voters. It will get them thinking that maybe Mr. Trump has the Conservative vision for the United States they may have previously overlooked.

I believe that Sarah Palin can only help Mr. Trump in the Republican Primary. She will not cause him to lose any voters, but instead it will only help him to gain voters. Mr. Trump seems to be on a course to be the Republican nominee for President. America may have to get used to the sound of President Trump because it seems closer than it has ever seemed before.