Where does Johnny Manziel go from here?

Justin Rimpi

Does Johnny Manziel even still have a future in the National Football League? Only one person can answer that question and it is Johnny Manziel himself. Manziel has had a rocky time in the spotlight to say the least and given all the tell-tale signs we all should have seen his demise.

It all started in Manziel’s true freshmen season at Texas A&M. He and his one of his friends eventually got into a fight with an older African-American male after the friend uttered a racial slur to the man. Even though Manziel was not reported to be involved in the altercation he was still reportedly intoxicated. During Manziel’s Heisman Trophy winning season there were still a multitude of stories surfacing regarding Manziel’s incessant partying.

Even Manziel’s own father worried for his health. He even stated:” I fear my son won’t live to his 24th birthday if he doesn’t get help.” Manziel’s habits did not slow as he made his transition into the NFL. At the Scouting Combine and various meetings prior to the 2014 NFL Draft, Manziel stated on a consistent basis that he is not an alcoholic. Many teams believed him and the Cleveland Browns ultimately drafted him with their 22nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

With such a high selection in the draft and illustrious college career the pressure was on Manziel to perform in the National Football League. During a break from OTA’S, Organized Team Activities, in July of 2014 Manziel was spotted in Vegas.

For usual rookies during this time away from the team they would be trying to learn every single play in the playbook. But it was clear that Manziel was not your usual rookie quarterback. Manziel’s two seasons thus far in the NFL have been extremely underwhelming. Near the end of the 2015 NFL season the Cleveland Browns named Johnny Manziel the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. As in usual Manziel fashion he was unable to keep his party habits under control.

Manziel went to such lengths that he even wore a disguise with a fake mustache and an alias. I am not a licensed doctor, but that seems like someone whom has some serious issues that he needs to be taken care of. Manziel lost his starting gig because he lied to then Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine and denied he was ever partying. Eventually the truth surfaced and the Cleveland Browns did what was best for their team and they benched him.

This off-season has been nothing but distraction after distraction for Manziel. During just this off-season Manziel has been dropped by his second agent in just over one month. Manziel was also cut by the Cleveland Browns in February.

Manziel has been seen partying at Coachella, and all over Los Angeles. It seems evident to any causual observer that Manziel does not seem too upset that is currently without a job. He does not seem willing to cease his party habits in an effort to convince other teams that he is a changed man.

The very interesting thing about Manziel is that he does not need to play football. He comes from a relatively wealthy Texas Oil family. So, that essentially means that he is playing for the love of the game. It does not seem like that though. Manziel just seems like another young man who has a serious partying problem and is content on letting it continue to engulf his entire life.

Manziel will only be able to get better and turn his life around when he notices that he has a problem. He has to no longer surround himself with enablers whom worship the very ground he walks on. Instead, he needs a hard talk from friends and family close to him regarding his issues.

As for Manziel’s NFL future, it is in great jeopardy. Any team would be crazy to take a chance on him for the 2016 season. Football should not be the priority, it should instead be about picking up the pieces of his life and putting them back together. Manziel has to hit rock bottom, which he has not hit yet.

That is because if he had he would be trying to get his life together. The latest of Manziel’s troubles was when he was indicted on misdemeanor assault regarding a domestic dispute with his then girlfriend taking place in January. Manziel encompasses three issues that the National Football League is trying very hard to bring awareness. Those three issues are Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, and Domestic Abuse. That is certainly not a list that someone would want to be on.

Manziel has to get his life together or he might have to pay the ultimate price, his life.