How to Keep “Track” of the Teams You Want to Join

Put On Your Running Shoes; It May Not be Too Late to Join Track - or any Other Spring Sport

How to Keep

Fatima Arroliga, Staff Writer

Hey Spartans, are you or a friend in any sports this spring season? Well let me tell you that I am here to help. For the semester, we had many sports that have come and gone. Some of these sports include soccer, football, cross country, basketball, wrestling and much more. However, something that has been very common when you ask some students, is that many of us aren’t well informed of such sports. I’ve heard  many student say that they didn’t have a chance to participate in many sports that they were interested in trying out for because they aren’t aware of the sports advertisement. As for others they were not told of when they had to come or when they they were to report to these meeting.


So today I want to inform you guys of what’s going on right now with our spartan sports for the spring season! To start off we have track. Starting since this Tuesday, January 22, of 2019, official practice has started. It’s still not late for runners interested! You can go to speak to Coach Williams in the main building. As for ladies interested in Flag football there was a meeting this past January 22nd. But no worries there will be another meeting Tuesday, February 5th. You can go speak to Coach Graham for any further questions that you may have.  Lastly, gentlemen spring season for football, is right around the corner. For all interested this season, what are you waiting for?