Book Club is having strong affect on Spartan student body

Grace Tompkins

Here ye, here ye! The Book Club is now in session! Once again the Spartan Literacy Society has a new event! There is a book drive coming up this month, so if anybody has some books that were never used please find a drop off box. It will be located in one of your classrooms or the library itself, and please drop off a book. There also is some other big news going on with the Book Club. That news is that the Book Club is going viral. Now members will be spending a lot more time on social media. The Book Club is about more than eating, contrary to popular belief.  As President of the Spartan Literacy Society, AJ Joseph, said: “this club is about having fun, reading, and yes it is true eating.” Now reading is not all they do, they also compete in competitions. HHHS competes in The Battle of the Books, last year was HHH’s first year competing and they came in second place. This year, the book club is hoping to get in first place. So they need all the support they can get!

The Book Club is looking for new members to join at any time, they meet Tuesdays, after school from three to four. Other than enjoying books, people in the book club enjoy the company. Joining the book club gives you a chance to meet friends as well, as junior Rebekah Bernadel, a member of Book Club said: “Honestly, I love the people here and the book discussions are always alive.” Danielle Busch, a member of Book Club, says: “Book Club really is what it’s like in the movies; older people gather around, drink wine, and socialize, except we drink apple juice.” Hopefully people don’t take that a bad way, after all it isn’t all about eating.

Book Club is very important to society, maybe not socially, but mentally. You know if more people in this world will know their not alone in loving to read books, if book clubs exist. In this century, if you tell someone you’re reading a book they usually just say one thing; Why? People (mostly kids, especially teenagers) that love to read books always seem to be let down when they hear that no one likes to read books anymore. Book Club is a place where those people can hang out, talk, and enjoy themselves with fellow book lovers, not book haters. As a wise woman once said, “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” A quote in the novel Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen.