Up the Down Staircase is looking up for the Drama Club

Grace Tompkins

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The Drama Club is doing a new production; Up the Down Staircase. This production is based on the film from 1967, in the storyline Sylvia Barrett is the main character. She is a rookie teacher at New York’s inner-city Calvin Coolidge High.

Her Literature classes are overcrowded, a window is broken, there’s no chalk, and the books all arrive late. The administration is concerned mainly with forms and rules (there’s an up and a down staircase). Not to mention, the bells ring at the wrong time.

Nevertheless, she tries, and somehow manages to make it (for now). This production is played by a group of very talented people. Every person involved in the production believes in one another, and thinks highly of one another. Jeffery Klee says “I am proud of the drama club, they are all hard working individuals.” Liam J. Mckinnon said, “It’s an all around great project. The kids are great, and Mr. Trimas is a professional. With more funding and better lighting it would be amazing.”

All the actors are determined to have an interesting and fun experience, working on an actual set, and of course working with friends that are like family. Now sometimes the people involved with the play do slack off at times, but they do make up for it with their acting abilities. As Tyrese Saintcyr said,”The drama club is a very diverse group with many different talents.”

Trimas said, ”A play like this is timeless, because the issues brought up are still going on in schools to this day.” The drama club is bringing many things to many people, a chance for anyone coming to the production to see how important this story is, and how talented our students really are. It is inspiring the way that this club is making students feel, as Parthinya Spriggs said, “drama club is different, but it’s a good different when you put effort to it.”

In many of the members opinions, they love working on this play with the props, stories, and most of all the people. As Ion N. Sarkar said “It’s a great experience, fun working with people, and making scenes.” Or Ulises Zambrano said, “Looking at how the drama club started in August, I see we are becoming stronger and we are creating something beautiful.” The entire production shall inspire everyone involved and anyone who watches. So please do buy tickets to see the play “Up the Down Staircase” coming to our school theater soon!