Well-known author enters hallowed walls of school

Samantha Smith

At the author’s visit on Friday March 4, 2016 in the chorus room Mrs. Helen Ellis, a Southern gothic novelist and short story writer was  accompanied by Mrs. MaryEllen Fowler her traveling partner. Mrs. Ellis read to Mr Gulla and Mr. Pophal’s class during 3rd and 4th period. During that time she read from her much praised short story that was made from tweets gathered over the course of two years called the American Housewife.

“Writing has become a lost art” said Fowler. Fowler use to work with the School Board and also use to teach creative writing. She loves to communicate with students which is why she decided to go into the profession of teaching. However, now she is retired and is now showing Ellis all of the sites in Florida. After the Florida trip is over both of the woman will both head back to New York.

Mrs. Helen Ellis is married to Mr Lex Harris who is the executive editor for CNN Money. The short short story American Housewife was influenced by the profession of her husband. She mentioned how happy and content she was at being a housewife and yet at the same time she is also proud to be a feminist. Her classy perspective leaves alot to be desired and alot to be questioned. You never know what to expect when reading one of her stories.

“Other people’s work when you see it, makes you want to do it,” said Ellis

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama it is very commonly found in her writing styles the southern hospitality and effervescence that she was raised with. However, pop culture also influences her work along with other writers. It has been well- known that Ellis had actually  given up writing at one point. She wrote a book which helped her to get back into the profession and rekindle her love for writing. This book was about her husband and it explained why she was coming back and it is called “Patron of the Arts”.

In spite of all of the hardships Ellis has been through in her life writing has been her output in life. A place where there is no censorship and she can express what’s she’s feeling freely. She does not have to be a lady in her books. Since picking up her pen in high school her junior year Ellis has been addicted to the feel of a the keys under her fingers. So even though she loves being a housewife she will always be a writer no matter how hard it gets. “Failure makes me braver,” said Ellis.