World Language Students Triumph in Competition!


Monica Espinoza, Guest Writer

On March 2, 2019, twenty-four students from French and Spanish classes – levels 1 to AP – participated in the World Languages District Competition at Piper High School.  They earned 22 Gold Medals, 15 Silvers Medals and 6 Bronze Medals!

In addition to their stellar performances during the competition, Kimberly Fernandez and  Pascale Joseph performed a song and dance during the official Opening Ceremony.  Monsieur Eliacin for his dedication to his students and coaching them extremely well.

The students who participated in this event were Jessica Vilain, Ernesto Contino, Tomya Preal, Samentha Jean, Dalsen Vilain, Joseph Faika, Zephirin Genevieve, Maria Dupin, Enzo Papet, Christian Vascones, David Ransom, Rashonda Gonzalez, Camila Camelino-Mella, Willow Baldawin, Jassamine Alexandre, Natali Chau, Danielle Mazzarella, Jeiska Arias, Rosmelis Espinal, Daniela Gutierrez, Carlos Galdamez, Jennifer Estrada, Ruth Soza, and Daniela Zambrano.  Be sure to congratulate them for this outstanding achievement.