National Honor Society Spends the Day at Play

Kateryna Miroshnichenko, Staff Writer

National Honor society created a Field-day event on March 7th, 2019 for its members and candidates. Students were out the whole day, but those who had important classes could join the field any time of the day. Angela Nguyen- main student organizer of the event, shared some information about organization and her feelings about the day with me.

“ The administration supported the Field day completely.  After all the approvals, we had to go and buy supplies needed for each activity.Gonzales’s signature was on permission slips (or Spartan absence forms) before we passed them out to students. We had to remind every member and candidate the last day to return those permission slips or they would not be able to attend the event. The day of the actual event we made sure that everything is set for games, and if we were missing certain supply, we had to ask school coaches. It is the only event I have organized for NHS, but I have organized other events for other clubs.”

It was Angela’s initiative to organize the day. Personally, I appreciate it! The day was flowing very well! Every person got a bottle of water and sweet treats like Donuts and Cookies. We had different games: tag war, soccer competition, bubble-gum contest (who will have the biggest bubble), a three-legged race, a jump rope challenge, and much more!

“I am extremely happy that the Field day was as successful as last year. All members, candidates, and officers had fun and a great time. Everything came out as I envisioned it. Meanwhile, more activities could of  been created and better timing should of been followed. “

There is always something that could be done better, but it was my first Field-day since middle school. I enjoyed it very much! We grew up and competitions were taken more seriously. Well, some less seriously, but the point is that we are always kids.

Dr. Payan- the adviser of the club, said that this event had an intention to motivate candidates, get to know each other, and to have fun. They got it!

It was a short day and a fun day! There were a lot of people! Those who think that a club like NHS would be smaller, would be mistaken. The large group of National Honor Society members, both current and new to the club, had a fun day bonding.