Wind Ensemble Soars to Straight Superiors!

The students' ratings are the "equivalent of Straight "A"s, says Director of Bands Mr. Gabriel


Amy Gallup, Advisor

On March 13th, the Hollywood Hills HS Wind Ensemble performed for the Broward County Music Performance Assessment.  This assessment provides an opportunity for school bands and their directors to perform in front of both peers and judges and to receive feedback about their progress.

Though the Hollywood Hills band did not even have a band director just a year ago, under the tutelage of Mr. Michael Gabriel, they were ready to perform this year.  As you can see from the public score sheet,  most of the bands, while performing admirably, did not earn the highest score possible.   Therefore, the accomplishment of Mr. Gabriel and the Hills’ Wind Ensemble in receiving a Straight Superior rating, the highest possible score, is particularly remarkable.

The students in the ensemble should be congratulated for this accomplishment. 

Ian Nunez, Tiffany Salvadore, Stephanie Diaz-Sanchez, Shalia Moffatt, Samantha Singer, Sophia Feliciano-Bonilla, Carolina Medina, Melyssa Furio, Jeffrey Laracuente, Victoria Monzon, Madison Stamenkovic, German Arita, Jeremy Rosado, Lucas Carvalho, Ryan Vaz, Faith Kommes, Ulises Zambrano, Javier Escalona, Julissa Ortiz, Savannah Griffin, Gabrielle Monzon, Soraya Cajuste, Allison Diaz, Belen Hernandez, Kyla Williams, Isabella Ayala, Angelica Gonzalez, Deion Hampton, Chayse Dorsett, Lindsay Wyckoff, Jessamine Alexandre, Edwin Cordon, Ryan Herrera, Emily Kommes, Mark Boeckter, Camille Alberro, Ethan Annati, and Jacqueline Grey