Drill Teams Bond and Place at States


Drill Team Shines at States

Fatima Arroliga, Staff Writer

Hey Spartans! This past weekend was a monumental time for us Spartans! Our JROTC programs made it to states. They performed amazingly during their district championships, earning them an invitation to the state competition. All the team members worked hard to get here and with the help of their first sergeants (First Sergeants Hampton and Solis) enabling them to bring back trophies. The teams said to have had an amazing time with lots of fun during the whole competition weekend. It was a crucial competition because all their hard work would pay off.

The categories in which they brought home wins were in unarmed female platoon and male unarmed mixed platoon, both of which won third within the state of Florida! One of the drill team members, Ruben Brown, tells us what went on during competition: “We had a great time, during the competition I had to go in during the male mixed unarmed platoon, given that some members weren’t able to continue competing. As for the female unarmed, they performed well. The judges in the competition had an app in which all the teams could see their results; however, moments before the results they turned it off. Many of us were anxious and emotional. We were very scared whether we would place or not. But in the end, we held our heads high and became confident that we did the best we could. I think that helped us a lot when we were graded.”

Another team member, Natalie Wilson, mentioned, “It was a great bonding experience, I think that because we all shared a common goal of placing within the state. Although I didn’t compete, it was very inspiring to see my fellow members compete, as well as other teams. I was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.”   This was another great win for us Spartans! We hope to see another one next year again.