Airport Massacre in Fort Lauderdale

Samantha Smith

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On January 6, 2017, Esteban Santiago an army veteran opened gunfire at Hollywood International Airport. The incident killed five and left several others injured, two were left in critical condition. According to a criminal complaint filed by federal prosecutors Santiago, 26, confessed to planning the assault. Santiago visited an FBI office in Alaska in November to say his mind was being controlled by U.S intelligence, while there was a gun in his car. The rambling at the Anchorage office walk-in interview was concerning. They took his gun and ordered a mental health evaluation, which he voluntarily submitted to. A month later he received his pistol from police headquaters, which he then used in the airport shooting.

“Santiago faces three federal charges that each carry the possibility of the death penalty” the U.S Justice Department stated. He will be charged Monday with counts of causing serious bodily injury to someone at an international aiport; using a firearm during and in relation to a violent crime, and causing the death of a person through the use of a firearm. Investigators have learned that Santiago had recently been selling his possessions including his car.

The military said Santiago’s nine years of service in the National Guard included one 10- month tour of Iraq, where he was awarded a combat action badge. His Aunt stated on Saturday he came home a changed man then added ‘ He talk about destruction and the killing of children. He had visions all the time.”

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